About wild horses valley

Hello and welcome wanderer! Join the NEW free-to-play horse game and experience the world through the eyes of a lead stallion in an unknown land!

Mysteries and dangers are waiting for you! You are responsible for your herd members, so choose your actions wisely…

Over 60 different colored ponies are waiting for you!

Dive into the adventurous life of a lead stallion protecting its herd. Get excited for fights with dangerous land predators!

Move your herd in 5 different terrains and find new herd members or other herds along the way. Maybe you can snatch a horse from the other herd!

Users: 12
Gamer: 16
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About the development

Hi! I wanted to introduce ourselves! There are only two people working on the game: My father and I! I am still a university student, studying economics and my father is a retired programmer. We have created everthing for the game ourselves, he is doing the programming and I am doing the art and everything left!

Our family has a lovely horse, her name is Sunday´s light and she is a sooty Palomino Welsh Cob! I can also call an amazing dog my own, her name is Bossi and she is a Welsh Corgi!

We hope you enjoy the game!